Li6400 XT Portable Photosynthesis Tester

AP4 plant stomatameter

Thermo Scientific™ 49i

Ozone analyzer

Thermo ScientificTM Model 42i NO-NO2-NOx Analyzer

Thermo Scientific™ 49i-P

S Ozone calibrator


Portable Automatic Weather Station

EC-5 Small soil moisture sensor

(Decagon Device,UK)

EM50 Soil moisture collection system

(Decagon Device,UK)

CR1000 Data Acquisition and Control System

SOC710 Surface spectral radiation imaging system

Li6400-VOC Atmospheric Sampler

UV-visible spectrophotometer (Shimadzu UV-2450/2550)

Refrigerated centrifuge

GSM 06 Bench vibration mixing ball mill

OTC Fully automated control and monitoring system

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