Brief Introduction on Research Group

The research group “Ecological Effects of Environmental Change (EEEC)” investigates the effects of air pollution and climate change (surface ozone, nitrogen deposition, particulate matter, drought, warming), and their multi-factor interaction on the structure, process and function of cropland and/or forest ecosystem using several main experimental means such as open top chambers and O3-FACE platforms. We also explore the responses, adaptation and feedback of plants (e.g., photosynthetic physiology, water ecophysiology, gene expression, etc.), soil (e.g., key microbial mediated C-N conversion soil properties), plant-soil interaction, and ecosystem structure (e.g., plant species and diversity) and function (e.g., C-N-H2O cycle) to environmental change factors.

Now there are 15 members in our research team, including one professor (team leader), one associate professor, three assistant professors, five PhD students and five master students. We have established long-term international cooperation with the well-known scientists from United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Sweden, Spain, Italy, etc. The Field Experiment Platform in Yanqing district, Beijing have been built and it is officially running in 2015.

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